Patreon Has Launched! New Website, Current Plans

It’s been a long time (five years!) in the making, but Website 2.0 is finally here! Bear with me while some of the pages and content are tweaked; we’re about 95% finished. The final piece will be a new online store – I’m currently working with a graphic designer to create stickers and t-shirts, and we’ll have signed prints as well.

It feels so good to have an online presence that reflects what’s been happening in the physical world! Prior to 2020, that is. For now the digital landscape and our own internal ones are what we have for the most part – honestly for me, it’s been a much-needed respite from the relentless usual pace.

As well as the new website, perhaps the most exciting development of this year has been the launch of my Patreon! You can find me here. For those who don’t know, Patreon is similar to a crowdfunding site in that you can pledge support to an artist – but rather than funding one specific goal, you pledge monthly to become a patron. As a patron, your pledges support ongoing creative work in exchange for various benefits, depending on the tier you choose – ranging from access to works-in-progress and glimpses behind the scenes, to your name in album credits, downloadable demo recordings and even personalised covers or originals. I’m so thrilled to have my patrons there and excited about the potential of Patreon!

Other than an online overhaul, I’ve been upgrading my recording rig and finally re-recording my 2015 EP Dramatic, Grim and Humorous. I’ve been on the fence about this for years, but the time seems right – as songs I plan to distribute digitally, it needs to represent my work today, at least in performance. Especially as these songs still form the core of my live set, and I’ve really worn them in over the years, which changes how I think about them and how they’re performed.

Stay tuned for periodic updates here! For detailed updates and unreleased demos of the newly recorded EP, head over to my Patreon!